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Conseguiu seu Working Holiday Visa? Nós preparamos alguns pacotes para ajudar você aqui na Nova Zelândia.

Welcome to NZ Presentation – TNZ Student Prime

  • Airport Pick -up
  • Welcome to NZ Presentation
  • Vodafone Sin card – plan 30
  • AT Hop Car – Public Transport – T10
  • Open Bank Account
  • IRD Number
  • CV Preparation
  • First day school
  • Office support ( Free WFI)

Work Holiday Package Lite

The Lite  Package is for those who know how to get around and where to stay in New Zealand. Whether you have already been to New Zealand previously or you have friends there to look after you, the LITE  will be the best package for you. It will provide you with all the important information about New Zealand and everything concerning working in and travelling around this amazing country. You will have neither airport transfer nor accommodation so you can make your own way and come to our office to see us for information and local support.

Your curiosity will drive you probably to have a lot of questions about New Zealand, Auckland, and our way of life and how to find your way in there! Our detailed Welcome Presentation, which you will attend at our office when you arrive, covers all these questions by giving you information about everything you need to know. However, if you have any questions, you should feel free to ask our team! We will be pleased to help you with anything you need! You will also receive a booklet with all this great information to refer to later at any time.

This package includes:

This includes information about the following topics:

  • General information about New Zealand
  • What to visit in Auckland
  • Public transport
  • Bank account
  • TAX information
  • Accommodation advice (Hostels, shared accommodation and rental properties)
  • Communication in New Zealand – phones and mobile phones
  • Tips for travelling in New Zealand
  • Visa information – Options to extend your visa
  • Medical/General emergencies and insurance
  • Useful contacts and links
  • 24 hour Emergency Hotline

Work Holiday – Package Prime

The “Prime” Package is recommended to those who come to New Zealand alone or with friends without having been to this country before. It includes airport transfer and 7 nights in one of our hostels until you can settle and find a suitable accommodation with the help of our friendly team.

The whole package includes:-

  • Airport Tranfer to the Hostel – The Shuttle Bus will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the entrance of your YHA hostel in the heart of Auckland.
  • 12 Months Job Assistence -Job assistance will be guaranteed for the entire duration of the package (12 months). Talk to one of our experienced Job Specialists to receive customized information and advice about how to secure the perfect job for you.
  • 12 Months TNZ  Work Holiday Menber Shipe – When you first visit our office, we will issue you with a TNZ Membership card which will give you the priority and access to all our services. With your membership number you will be able to access the Members Area on our website, where you can look at all available jobs, create your own CV and Cover Letter and access a list of employers with their contact details. You will also find many other tips and useful links. Access to TNZ  and Think Australia office services.
  • Mail Holding and Foward – You can use our office address as your postal address in New Zealand so we can receive your letters and parcels and store them until you come by to collect them or ask us to send them to a particular address onshore.
  • 7 Night Accommodation Includes Breakfast – We only work with New Zealand most renowned and quality hostels. You will spend 7 nights at the “YHA Auckland” situated in the centre of the city.
  • Job Presentention – Our experienced staff will show you how to find good jobs in New Zealand and how to apply for them.During the presentation, we explain some important points such as:
  • The creation of a New Zealand Resume (CV)
  • How to present and conduct yourself during interviews
  • Various job opportunities such as fruit picking, hospitality etc..
  • Frequently asked interview questions and best answers
  • How to find good jobs and apply for them successfully etc..
  • After the presentations you will receive your welcome package which includes useful documents such as a hostel guide and a map of Auckland. We will also help you to prepare everything for an enjoyable and successful start in New Zealand.
  • IRD Number Registration – Everyone who wants to work in New Zealand has to apply for a Tax Number (IRD). We will lodge a IRD application for you and forward you the number via email as soon as we receive it.
  • New Zealand Mobile SIM Card – To find a job and meet your friends in New Zealand, having your own New Zealand mobile number is necessary. Employers will be able to reach you and you will never miss out on job opportunities! Along with the package. The card will be activated and ready to use.
  • 12 Months International  YMCA Membership – he duration of the membership is 12 months. With the International Hostelling Member Card you will get discounts in every YHA Hostel all around New Zealand as well as in over 2000 shops which are listed in your “Accommodation and Discounts Guide” throughout the country and 22500 around the world.
  • Free Luggage Store –With the help of our travel consultant you can plan your trips around this beautiful country and book your tickets and tours! Your holiday is just one step away!
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